Fundamentals of Digital Media: University Manifesto

Definition: A document that publicly declares the purpose, views & goals of the person/ people issuing it.

an example of a manifesto about wellbeing & mental health originally issued by google

Nikes manifesto is about pushing the world forward through sport, & they believe everyone is an athlete. statement says ‘if you have a body, you’re an athlete”

Individual Manifesto:

Group Manifesto:

My University Manifesto:

  • A fun, engaging course with a varied range of subjects & topics to explore
  • An opportunity to learn & experiment with a range of equipment
  • The ability to address issues within the media regarding equality, race, gender etc…
  • More practical work than theoretical
  • Interact with other courses & areas of the university
  • Receive Feedback before submitting work to improve & make changes
  • Create meaningful work that has a purpose where the grade comes as a byproduct, it isn’t the focus

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